Category: Poems

A Slave’s Dream

For my ancestors and their struggle to be free


Running through brush,
free as the Wind,
An heir of royal heritage
– captured, chained, dragged, beaten,
separated from African shores,
bound for distant lands.


Tied in bondage,
deep below the ship’s deck,
pondering escape
– rebellion!


The struggle for freedom,
from the chains, and the whip,
diving overboard to be free
– food for the sharks!


White shore arrival,
chained, washed, dragged,
to the auction block
– let the bidding begin!
Generations torn apart.                              \


Plantation days, invasive nights,
slaves on the run
from horseback hot pursuit,
dogs barking; feet bitten,
the lash of the whip
– a return to bondage!


Cold nights, hot days,
but always pondering,
on the future of the children
– a slave’s dream to be free.

Copyright ©2007 – Present L.W. Barker